Meet Our New Athletic Director: Jeffrey Dilollo

By Luke Kaplan, Staff Writer

For the countless students who participate in the various sports offered by Hills, there is a new face in charge of each and every one of these activities. Jeffrey Dilollo is the new Athletic Director and is responsible for the schedules, budget, hiring process, and all of the paperwork that is necessary for the athletic department.  

Dilollo is originally from Long Valley, NJ and attended Seton Hall University. Before accepting the position of Athletic Director at Randolph, he was a teacher for 14 years and a coach for 17 years.

When inquired about his favorite sport, Dilollo responded, “I played and coached tennis,” he joked, “I’m gonna say it just like that because I don’t have any favorites.”

Wayne Hills intrigued him for a few reasons, and he says, “it has great record for sports . . . [and] I was interested in another large school that has great programs and a great reputation.”

Dilollo is certainly a great addition to the Wayne Hills family and loves the Wayne Hills environment, noting, “[We have a] great community, awesome kids, [and that] everybody is very, very welcoming.”