Do You Follow These Fashion Trends?


By Athenia Ibragimov, Nedeen Khashashina, and Bettina Rosario

As fashionable students roam the halls of WHHS, students and teachers express their thoughts, and tell us what their ideal outfit is for a comfortable, yet stylish school year.

Do current style trends like athletic wear, pencil skirts and the color yellow really make their way into everyday living? Several students and staff were asked to see what they really thought.

“I don’t think so” said Laura Bajaña, a math teacher. “I don’t think I would label as any particular style” … “it’s a mix.”

Students took a slightly different approach than teachers. Luca Verano, a junior, admitted that the recent fashion trends have a “decent impact on my style” and that “I dress fancier outside of school … I care more.”

Female students had a similar view as well. “I would wear the socks and sandals and the athletic wear and tube tops. I would wear that to school but it’s different from what I wear outside of school,” Annette Muniz, a senior.

Fashion trends that made an appearance include animal print, slides, tube tops, Plaid, Pencil skirts, white sneakers, windbreakers, athletic wear, knee-high socks and sandals. Most of these fashion trends can be found on female fashionistas who strut through the halls of Wayne Hills. These trends are known for their unique appearance and comfortable feeling when worn. Their bright colors attract shoppers, making an appearance on school grounds.

But male fashion icons, don’t feel left out as there are certain trends circulating the school, this includes Beanies, basketballs shorts, sweatshirts, vans, windbreakers, camouflage, and other athletic wear. These were the most popular from the student body.

Seasonal changes also seem to greatly impact the fashion sense of students and teachers. Students who wear cute and trendy tube tops and jean skirts in the fall would wear fashionable sweaters and jeans in the winter time.

In fact, junior, Melis Yazar, said she “[likes] to wear cute sweaters and tall boots in the winter time.”

According to Practical Ecommerce, “apparel sales fell to 19 percent of teenagers’ spending”. Whether students truly follow current fashion trends or not, it is evident that the obsession has died down in recent years, and that students are developing an individual sense of fashion.