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2018/2019 Cheerleading and SDA Tryouts Are Here

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2018/2019 Cheerleading and SDA Tryouts Are Here

From News 12 Varisty

From News 12 Varisty

From News 12 Varisty

By Laura Lassen, Staff Writer

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The spring sports season may have ended, but other extracurriculars at WHHS are just getting started for the 2018/2019 season–the cheerleading team held their tryouts last week and the Student Dance Association (SDA) scheduled theirs for June 7th from 3-6 P.M.

With new faces and experienced athletes, the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity cheerleading squads have already begun preparing for the upcoming fall season. Lead by coaches Amanda Mascaro for varsity, Nicole Couso for JV, and Brittany Warthur for the freshman team, the girls participated in two practices held on May 21st and 22nd in preparation for their tryout on May 23rd.

The tryout process is daunting for most cheerleaders, where a position on the team is not always guaranteed. Each level learns the same routine and, on the day of tryouts, performs for the coaches in pairs or groups of three. The coaches assess multiple aspects during the tryout, including performance, attitude, appearance, knowledge of cheer and dance, and form/execution.

“Since this is my third year trying out for the [cheer] program, there were definitely less nerves than my first two years because I pretty much knew the ropes,” said sophomore Alyssa Miller, who will be cheering with the varsity group this fall. Miller mentioned that having no captains on the varsity team caused “a lot of controversy between parents, seniors, and coaches,” but she said that she is “hopeful and positive that the seniors no matter what will make an amazing routine and be able to handle all the girls on the squad.”

This year, there are 15 girls on the freshman team, 17 on the JV team, and 23 on the competitive varsity squad.

“I am excited to start my first season as a varsity cheerleader with my friends and can’t wait for the games to start this coming September,” Miller told the Patriot Press when asked about her thoughts regarding the season ahead.

Under the instruction of advisor Christina Kindler and assistant advisors Claudia Schalago and Tammy Conforth, members of SDA tried out after school yesterday for various positions that were up for grabs, including officers in the SDA Council like president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, and financial secretary. The other positions are overall and captain: the overalls are the topmost leaders of their teams, and two captains lead each dance–tap, pom, aerobics, and jazz. Students trying out for captain had to do so with their respective partner and co-captain.

For officers and overalls, in addition to performing a dance routine ranging from one to one and a half minutes, students had to write an essay and have an interview with the advisors. After their performance, the advisors assessed their routine and the rest of the SDA  members cast their votes.

The following are the results of the tryout:

  • Maroon Captains
    • Pom – Kiana Garcia and Sabrina Coniglio
    • Aero – Tabi Alboher and Mia Alvarez
    • Tap – Elise Dejewski and Brie Eakins
    • Jazz – Maggie Korman and Faythe Way
  • White Captains
    • Pom – Juliana Zampella and Bella DiCarlo
    • Aero – Caroline Frain and Liv Monaco
    • Tap – Morgan Ritsema and Natalia Dominguez
    • Jazz – Kristina Zajac and Nikki Ricciotti
  • Officers in the SDA Council:
    • President – Alexa DiFiore
    • Vice President – Maddy Luster
    • Secretary – Jen Jordan
    • Treasurer – Emily Barch
    • Historian – Aradytes Catoe and Francesca Zampella (assistant historian)
    • Financial Secretary – Brooke Taback and Riley Brennan
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Laura Lassen, Staff Writer

Junior Laura Lassen joined the Patriot Press as a staff writer in September 2017. She plays soccer and track and loves being on a team. Covering anything from entertainment to health and technology, she is a passionate writer and enjoys English.

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2018/2019 Cheerleading and SDA Tryouts Are Here