Missing Mother’s Body Found in Car After Five Months

Missing Mother's Body Found in Car After Five Months

A body found in a parked car in Paterson, NJ is confirmed to be Shanaya Coley, who went missing five months ago. The 25-year old mother was found covered in white sheets in the backseat of her 2013 gray Nissan Altima. The vehicle was parked on Marion Street outside of an apartment complex, about one mile from Coley’s home. Following the discovery of puncture and incision wounds, the incident is being ruled as a homicide.

Tenants at the apartment complex where the vehicle was found reported that the car has been parked in the same spot for months, however, no one was able to see inside due to the car’s heavily tinted windows. One eyewitness approached the vehicle, “peeked inside and saw white sheets.” He started “smelling something funky” and “thought it was a dead cat.” He immediately notified the authorities.

Coley had been missing since December 5th, 2017 when she was abducted from her home. She is believed to have been stabbed and then taken before 11 p.m. while was on her way to work at Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat, where she served as a home health aide on the night shift. Rumors have circulated that Coley had filed a restraining order in the past, but exact details have not yet been released.

When told about the situation, Wayne Hills students were in shock. “Why did it take so long?” Freshman Luna Osman questions bluntly. Many also offered comments on the event’s proximity to home. “It’s scary to think that such a thing happens so close to home,” says Sophomore Jamie Tulpan.

Freshman Julia Malecki is in agreement, commenting “I think it’s scary cause it happened so close. Many of us could’ve passed that car.” Amelie Marchant shares an important perspective, stating, “I feel like living in Wayne, we feel more sheltered, so it’s so shocking when we hear things like that.”

Since Coley’s discovery, her Nissan Altima has been wrapped in a black tarp and towed away. The search is now on for her killer. Anyone who has information on the case is encouraged to contact the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, the Paterson Police Department Detective Bureau or email [email protected]