Alternative Press Tour


By Alyssa Robbins, Staff Writer

It’s back!  The Alternative Press Tour presented by Hot Topic is back for the 8th year in a row.  Every year they have different bands to headline and perform all around the U.S and a few parts of Canada.  In the past, they have had Cute is What We Aim For, All Time Low, Forever the Sickest Kids, 3oh!3, and many more perform. This year Mayday Parade, Real Friends, This Wild Life, and As it Is are performing.

All of the bands are so excited to perform. This is the first time for Real Friends, This Wild Life, and As it Is to tour with Alternative Press and they love it.  As it Is, is blowing up their instagram feed with little video clips to capture each place they have played so far.  Mayday Parade has performed with Alternative Press before, so they helped give the new bands some advice and tips for the tour.

All of the bands got so close from being on tour.  

The guitarist and vocalist of As it Is, Benjamin Biss, says, “Going on tour with them is mind-blowing.”  

Even the fans are happy that they are all touring together.  One fan, Shannon Reilly in 12th grade, says, “I love all of the bands going on AP tour. I’ve seen As it Is and Mayday Parade live before and I can’t wait to see This Wild Life and Real Friends.”  The tour is going on only until November 25th, so get your tickets now!