New Students of the Month Revealed


By Alexa Soroka and Aseel Dabour

The Wayne Hills High School counseling department has recently selected two new students to be selected as students of the month, Charles Njoku and Katelyn Apa. Both students have been selected based on their positive influence in the Wayne Hills community.

Charles Njoku, WHHS student and player on the school football team, is always concerned about others and willing to offer a helping hand.

In one instance, Christina Caamano, Wayne Hills english teacher and fencing coach, was holding bags filled with fencing equipment while struggling to open her classroom door. By the time Caamano was able to unlock the door, Njoku was behind her carrying her equipment, ready to help her inside.

Donna King, a counselor at Wayne Hills, comments that “Charles is always smiling and always drops in to see how people are doing.”

Like Njoku, female selectee, Katelyn Apa, is always spreading positivity.

According to King, for the past three years, Apa has worked with STARS special needs students to choreograph a dance for them to perform at the Student Dance Association (SDA) show.

Not only that, Apa has also teamed up with STARS to plant a very special garden for the students and community to enjoy.

The purpose of the student of the month is to recognize and emphasize the good at Wayne Hills.

On behalf of the entire counseling department, King explains, that their “goal is, number one, in a world of negativity, to highlight good things that students are doing.”

King hopes “other people will see them as role models.”

If you are looking to be nominated, a teacher or other faculty member must first report you as an exceptional student. A committee will then select who they believe is worthy of the position.

One female and one male student are each selected every month, and their picture is displayed outside of the library.