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Net Neutrality

By Ali Redzepi and Andrew Topielski, Staff Writers

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Several states and cities are battling the FCC’s decision to repeal Net neutrality rules through legislation, executive orders and lawsuits.

Net neutrality has been a hotly contested topic in politics this year. The debate about the rules for traffic on the internet could affect all of the things Americans use the internet for, such binge watching your favorite shows. The Federal Communications Commission is a federal agency that regulates internet communications, which includes implementing net neutrality. “I think that’s the right decision because if they were to take it out people would be discriminated and its fine how it is,” said sophmore Jorunn Wagemann.

On February 9th, the state of Washington house passed a bill to protect net-neutrality rules. Montana, New York, and Washington D.C all signed executive orders that do the same. House Bill 2282 passed on a strong bipartisan 93-5 vote and now will head to Senate for consideration. More than 20 states have filed a class action suit to protest the FCC’s rulings. ” I think every state should follow what the state of Washington is doing, in regards to protecting Net Neutrality,” said senior Chris Colela.

“Net-neutrality has worked very well to protect a free and open internet,” Said Democratic Rep. Drew Hansen of Bainbridge Island, the bill’s sponsor. “We are going to keep those protections in place in Washington state even after they go away at the national level.”

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Net Neutrality