Aaron Boone Hired as New Manager of Yankees


By Alexa Soroka, Staff Writer

Aaron Boone, a former Major League Baseball player himself, was recently hired as the manager for the New York Yankees to replace Joe Girardi.

Although Boone had never coached a baseball team a day in his life, his previous experience as an infielder in the MLB and as an ESPN analyst hopes to lead him to become a successful manager for the New York baseball team.

The 44-year old played for the Yankees in 2003 and is remembered for his involvement in game seven of the American League Championship Series (ALCS). During the game, he hit a home run to beat the Yankees’ longtime rival, the Boston Red Sox, and advance to the World Series.

With his debut in 1997, Boone has also played for the Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, and Cleveland Indians, just to name a few, before leaving the field in 2009. 

Girardi, now 53, announced with a heavy a heavy heart that the Yankees were not bringing him back as their manager.

It was Brian Cashman, executive of the New York Yankees, that had hired Girardi to replace Joe Torre back in 2008. Now, Girardi was in Torre’s shoes.

Cashman decided to not have Girardi return as manager as his contract was up and held interviews for the new leadership position. Among the several interviews, he was thoroughly impressed with Boone, who seemed to be a strong communicator who was open to new ideas.

Boone himself even feels as if he has been “preparing for this job for the last 44 years.”

Julia Taggart, long time fan of the New York baseball team, is not sure how to feel about the change in position.

She hopes that “maybe he will help progress the team.”

The pressure is on as the rookie manager as he takes Girardi’s role, taking on a roster full of young stars such as Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez.

Boone hopes to take on similar success as a Yankees manager as he did in the 2003 ALCS as a player.