Viral Video Shares Important Message About Privilege

Viral Video Shares Important Message About Privilege

By Alexa Soroka and Jimmy He

A recent viral video initially posted on Facebook shares an important message about privilege and how certain individuals may have an advantage in life compared to others.

The video, which has over 35 million views, shows a teacher whose students are lined up across the field for a foot race. He explains that the winner of the race will receive $100. However, he begins to call out statements that have to do with one’s lifestyle and privileges, saying that if those statements apply to the participants, they will be able to move two steps closer to the finish line.

“Take two steps forward if your parents are still married,” was one of the many statements given by the teacher.

The video shows many students advancing further and further, while others whom the statements did not apply to fell behind.

The purpose of this lesson was to show how the race symbolized how things seemed to unfold in real life. If you grew up with a father figure in the home, if your college is completely paid for by someone other than yourself, and if you have never had to help your parents pay the bills, then you were at an advantage compared to other individuals who did not have the same luxuries. This means that some have an unequal opportunity.

After viewing the video, many Wayne Hills students shared their newly gained perspective and expressed how they were more grateful for the “little things.”

Freshman Chris Mezza says that he appreciates that he gets to go to a good school and acknowledges that there may be others that do not have the same opportunity.  

“Other people shouldn’t have a head start because of their background. I feel bad, they deserve something.”

His friend, Patrick Scroble, is also thankful that he “doesn’t have to help pay the bills at home.”

The teacher ended the video, ensuring his students that “every statement I’ve made had nothing to do with anything any of you have done, has nothing to do with the decisions that you have made.”

In other words, the students hadn’t determined their own fate; it lied in the hands of their family and their situation.