MLB MVP Awards



The two MVP's, Giancarlo Stanton (left) and José Altuve (right) next to each other.

By Jack Woodard, Staff Writer

The MVP race has been going on all season and with the votes in, fans finally learned which two players won the prestigious award.  Giancarlo Stanton of Miami Marlins (NL) and José Altuve of the Houston Astros (AL) were named the winners.  Both players had outstanding seasons, putting up stellar numbers and contributing greatly to their team.  

The Miami Marlins went 77-85 on the season and missed out on the playoffs, but the bright spot on their season was the NL MVP, Giancarlo Stanton.  This guy was a real treat for fans to watch and a disaster for opposing pitchers.  Everytime Stanton got up to bat, one could never turn away, in fear of missing an absolute rocket off of his bat.  Stanton carried his team throughout the season, but the Marlins still came up short.  He batted a solid .281 on the year and had 132 RBI’s.  Stanton had an on base percentage of .376 to go along with 59 home runs on the year which tied Babe Ruth for the 9th most home runs ever hit in a single season.  Standing at 6’6 and weighing 245 pounds, Stanton has the ability to crush a ball.  This height also helps Stanton out in right field as he can go up and get a ball that is heading for the wall.  Giancarlo Stanton truly was deserving of this award.

The winner out of the AL was José Altuve who carried his team to a World Series Championship.  Altuve is the exact opposite of Stanton in terms of his build at 5’6 165 pounds, but this little guy can get it done.  Altuve, a Gold Glove winner in 2015, is a great 2nd baseman and is not afraid to lay out and make a great play on any ball within his vicinity.  Batters would get dejected the second they saw that they hit a hard grounder towards Altuve.  Not only was he a force in the field, but Altuve had the highest batting average throughout the entire season.  Altuve batted .346 on the year and with an on base percentage of .410, as this guy was almost impossible to get out.  Pitchers had to be dealing their best stuff to have a chance at getting Altuve out as he was a specialist at line drives and with his speed, he could easily turn a single into a double.  Altuve also had 32 stolen bases and 81 RBI’s.  There is some power in his little frame too, as he had 24 homers on the year.  José Altuve carried his team through the playoffs and brought the first World Series victory to the fans of Houston.  Altuve was one of the most productive players fans had seen at the plate in a while.  

This was such an exciting MLB season and postseason and fans now know who was voted the best player in each league.  These guys were both truly deserving of the awards they received.