Marching Band Season Underway

By Alyssa Robbins

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again; marching band season!  This year, for the 2015 marching band season, Chris Dewilde, the marching band teacher, is making the show, Heroes, the best it can be.  All of the students love the theme and are trying to make it the show everyone will remember.
The show this year has so many differences and improvements made since last year.   “Our music is specific to the show theme, Heroes” said DeWilde.  “ Last year we had to find music that fit the movements of our production.  We have a new drill writer this year which gives the entire band a fresh start.”
“I personally love this show,” said Skyler Radziszewski, drum major.  “It’s my senior show so I have a special attachment.  The music is from super hero movies.”  Radziszewski adds that show includes music from Batman, the Hobbit and Robin Hood.
“ Every show year to year has its difficulties that are specific to the production. I feel that our production of Heros is stressing the individual performer more both musically and visually,” DeWilde continues.  All of the staff and student band council really see a lot of potential in the band and want to push everyone to want to do their best especially since they came home from a week at Camp Canadensis band camp back in August.  The band has not stopped practicing.  The band practices every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at their own field behind the football field, and has a practice run through at the football games.  The band is definitely prepared for their first competition on the 26th.