Wednesday: The New Hit Netflix Series


By Angelique Casaleggio , Staff Writer

In the new series, Wednesday, Tim Burton produces his own twist on the infamous Addams Family show that originated back in the 60s. In this new series, Wednesday is played by award-winning actress, Jenna Ortega, and other stars are cast such as Christina Ricci who actually played Wednesday in the movie that aired in the 90s! The new show was released on Netflix on Wednesday, November 23. 

Wednesday Addams, the main character, is a true detective. Throughout the short eight-episode season, Wednesday is sent to Nevermore Academy where she takes it upon herself to find out who is murdering both Nevermore students and the townspeople. 

The new series is definitely one to remember to say the least. The acting, plot and story line are all some to remember. The sheer creativity and attention to detail was astounding. According to the New York Times, Ortega even went as far as learning half a dozen new talents in order to master her role in the show. 

 After watching the series for myself, I can confidently confirm that Episode 8 was the most eventful. In this episode, Wednesday initially gets expelled from Nevermore, but cannot confidently leave the school without uncovering the true monster wreaking havoc on both the school and town of Jericho. Later the worst truths become uncovered, and an innocent woman is killed.

Wayne Hills Senior, Madelyn Allegri, gave me the inside scoop. “I personally loved the show and thought it included spectacular cinematography, but thought the director could have included a little more backstory on the Addams family for first-time watchers,” she said.