The Russian-Ukrainian War Drags on

By Lizzy Boulos, Staff Writer

After three months of conflict, nearly 3,000 civilians have died since the Russian forces invaded Ukraine, 210 of whom were children. These deadly assaults continue escalating in eastern and southern Ukraine.

“I think it’s sad the fact that wars are going on and I do not find the importance of getting a piece of land. I hope it ends soon but I don’t think it will, it is just a back and forth war,” Lilibeth Arriaga senior said.

Re-focusing their attacks from the capital of Kyiv and toward the Donbas region, Russian forces are looking to create a land bridge from Crimea (a territory Russia annexed in 2014). The latest update from the Ukrainian military said Russian forces are “are focusing their efforts on blocking and trying to destroy Ukrainian units in the Azovstal.” Azovstal is a steelwork where soldiers and civilians have been cooped up for two months.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinskyy, another 344 civilians were evacuated from the city and suburbs of the southern port of Mariupol, and are moving forward to the Ukrainian-controlled city of Zaporizhzhia.

Junior Erica Cuciti said, “I hope it ends soon, it’s heartbreaking seeing the Ukrainian people have to flee their own country for safety. I hope everyone is doing everything they can to help.”

Despite everything, the United States and its NATO allies continue to send additional security assistance amid an intensified Russian assault in eastern and southern Ukraine.

There have been some peace talks since this war started, with no real result. They continue to press on hoping to end this months-long war.