Wayne Hills Junior Formal 2022


By Emily Sawyer, Junior Editor

March 31, 2022, marks a night the Wayne Hills Class of ’23 will never forget. Closing out the month with a bang, students danced the night away at the Brownstone in Paterson.

Junior Kyle Cho described the night as “a lot of fun dancing with my friends. The memories I made will be remembered for a lifetime.”

Dressed to the nine’s, students showed up at the venue around 6 pm, ready to party. The DJ played upbeat music all night long, with fan favorites ranging from Taylor Swift to the songs “Pepas” and “Hotel Room Service.” Most of the night was spent on the dancefloor by students, only stepping off for dinner and dessert. Served buffet style, a wide range of options were on the menu. Pasta and french fries seemed to be popular options, however. For dessert, a sundae waffle bar was available for all students. Yum!

The dance itself was mascarade-themed, so each student could find their own mask sitting at their table. There was even a photo backdrop that students could use!

Trisha Vyas, another Junior at Hills, said that “Formal was very fun. I liked the music and the food was as good as it was going to get. The waffle sundaes were my favorite part. I loved how people were dancing most of the time. The only thing is that I wished we were offered socks like in 8th grade. . .my feet hurt a lot by the end of the night.”

Feet hurting seemed to be a universal problem for most girls, including myself. 4-inch heels get pretty intense after a while. They were very stylish though!

Even some teachers who attended showed their funky moves on the dance floor.

“It was such a fun night!” explained Profe Kobylinski, a Spanish teacher at Hills. “Almost everybody spent the night on the dance floor, and I have not seen a class have this much fun together in a long time!”

Overall, it was a great night full of laughter and music. Check out the class of 2023’s Instagram story highlights @waynehills2023 to get sneak peeks at what the night was like!