The World Says Goodbye to Bob Saget


By Lizzy Boulos, Staff Writer

Actor and comedian Bob Saget,65, was found dead in his Florida hotel room on Sunday. Starring in what feels like everything, from Full to America’s funniest home videos the world says goodbye to another icon.

Bob Saget was found unresponsive in his hotel room, at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. The cause of death has not been revealed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office but they did rule out drugs and foul play. 

For many, this is devastating news since they have watched him on tv since they were little. Ms.Logothetis a history teacher at Wayne Hills said, “I am devastated. He was my Saturday dad and I grew up watching him.” 

Born May 17, 1956, in Philidelphia, Bob Saget got his start making home movies with his Super 8 camera at age 9. He had the comedic skills to win over girls, and break their hearts. His career took off after starting as Danny Tanner in Full House, he went on to host America’s Funniest Home Videos and even do stand-up. In some movies, he is unrecognizable to children but a good Easter egg for those who know him, as he voiced a zoo animal in Madagascar. He even made cameos in “How I Met Your Mother” and “Grandfathered.” Saget truly has had a full career leaving no stone unturned and staying with people everywhere. He died doing what he loved, on tour doing a stand-up routine that lasted nearly two hours.

Known not only for his acting but his comedy he stays in the hearts of kids and adults alike. Many high schoolers know him from Full House as well as Fuller House. “When I found out he had passed I was really sad, I was a big full house and fuller house fan and he was always so funny and a great actor. he brought a lot to the show and he will definitely be missed,” junior Erica Cuciti said.

This year has not had a great first month, starting with Betty White, Sydney Poitier, and now Bob Saget. We are all left to wonder if this year will turn out any better than the last two.