Devious Licker Boys Attack Wayne Hills

Tiktok is causing serious issues for the Wayne Hills faculty.

By Kyla Leathers, Writer

In Wayne Hills, some things were damaged in multiple different bathrooms, costing janitors hours of dealing with the messes that were made. Students got a glimpse of how frustrating the aftermath of it was for not only teenagers here wanting to use the restroom, but also for the people who work in the school, such as Principal Rewick, who expressed disapproval over the videos over the loudspeakers last Thursday.

Teachers and staff of middle schools and high schools have observed the way that technology has changed the way students behave and respond to one another’s actions. When someone does something in their own small town, or even in their own different country, it only takes the right algorithms and media coverage for it to go viral, especially on a platform like TikTok, where it is easier for users with a lower following to get views. 

Recently, a trend has been going around not only New Jersey, but the entire country. It is called “devious lick.” The Tiktok challenge entails vandalizing school property in the bathrooms, and even stealing some of the items within it. Some students have stolen hand sanitizers, ceiling tiles, and room labels outside of the restroom. Important functional pieces of the bathroom, such as the stall doors, have been ripped off, and in some cases, smuggled out of the bathroom, causing school restrooms to be closed down. I spoke with principal Michael Rewick about the incidents in our school, and how this affected the school. He finds it insulting that people would so blatantly disrespect our school.“The custodians had to spend time cleaning someone’s mess instead of keeping us safe from COVID-19, keeping the school neat, and fixing things,” he explained. “We’re better than that,” he said of our student body. When I asked Mr. Rewick why he thinks someone did it, he said this: “I have no idea.”

In an age when everyone is trying to be cool and gain popularity, morals are often left behind, especially when individuals are trying to impress online viewers who they do not know or trust. It is important to remember the difference between right and wrong. Staying true to oneself is difficult when young people are trying to fit in and feel a part of something. 

“Mr. Rewick, What advice do you have for someone who plans on making another video like this one?”

“To not do it, to think of others who have to clean it up.”

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