Girls Volleyball Ready to Take on Their Season


By Jenna Lewis, Staff Writer

After an unfamiliar season last year, the Wayne Hills Girls Volleyball team is finally seeing some normalcy.

In their 2020-21 season, the girls got pushed back to play in February. Some members of the team were not able to participate because of the interference with winter sports.

The girls are coming off a record of 6-6 from last year and have unfortunately lost some key players. This year will be a tough battle without the help of last year’s seniors, Caterina Lepore, Abbey Quagliana, Deren Ergen, and Ashley Goldberg.

But no need to fear, because this year the girls are back and better than ever. Seniors Lexi Trachtenberg, Kaylyn Alejo, Brooke Beach, Tamara Gagic, and Katy Gorden are definitely helping to make the best out of the season. The girls have been involved in fun team bonding activities. Some include color wars, themed practices, bonfires, and even film-watching.

But it’s not just the seniors who are making an impact. In last week’s win against Hawthorne, Junior Jenny Choi had 6 kills and Junior Brielle Wood had 5 assists.

Senior Kaylyn Alejo says, “We are an amazing team this year, who never gives up and fights for every point.” 

These traits are especially important to ensure a successful season. Kaylyn even says that this season the team has “an amazing lineup, each girl on the court is a super great aspect to the team.”

Although they have gotten off to a rocky start, their positive record stands at 3-1, with growing excitement to verse the town rivals, Wayne Valley, this Monday. 

While they do not have home-court advantage, Senior Lexi Trecthenberg says, “We are very fiery this year and are ready to continue ‘bringing the heat’ with each game we take on.”

I know I am for sure excited to see what the girls bring to the plate for the rest of their 2021-22 season!

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