Opinion: The President Should be Re-Elected


By Jake Higuera, Contributor

As we creep up to election day, the question most Americans are asking themselves is “who do I want to see take charge of this country for the next four years.” Many Americans find themselves frustrated with the current political climate and simply want to see America succeed. 

The answer is pretty simple. We all want to see prosperity, growth and progress. It is safe to assume that during these turbulent circumstances, we want a leader who is strong willing to fight for us. For these reasons (and many more) is why I will be supporting Donald J. Trump for reelection.

President Trump has more than proven himself to be a President for the people who will do whatever it takes to help out all Americans. Joe Biden is running on promises, while Trump is running on his record. Biden has been in politics since 1973 and really does not have much to show for it. He runs on what the trend is, not what he truly believes. This is why we can never get clear answers from him on issues like court-packing and the Green New Deal. He constantly is regretting decisions he has made in the past such as the 1994 crime bill. 

President Trump has a motto “promises made, promises kept” and there is a reason for it. On almost every issue he delivered on his promises… Criminal justice reform, lower drug prices, tax cuts, deregulation, bringing our troops home. The list goes on and on!

As a skeptic of most politicians, I feel strongly about the President and his administration. Trump has fought back against the oppressive China Communist Party. That is something no other president would ever dare to do… especially not Joe Biden. He stands up for the sanctity of life, pledging to protect the most vulnerable among us. His devotion to law and order and keeping our communities safe is definitely a strong point of his presidency. 

We may not agree on all issues and some of his tweets may rub me the wrong way, but from a policy standpoint, Donald Trump has excelled in almost every way possible. I would much rather have an effective president who keeps it real than an ineffective president who only says what we want to hear.

The future is bright if we reelect President Trump. His recently unveiled platinum plan, which he will put in effect after being reelected will benefit African Americans by creating new jobs and designating the KKK as a terrorist organization. America needs four more years of prosperity, growth and progress. America needs four more years of Donald Trump.