OPED: Block Scheduling Pros


By Lily Waterman, Staff Writer

While we are all assimilating to the new block scheduling system, there are many changes in our daily lives that may or may not be helpful. The year is now broken into days as Day 4, 3, 2, and 1 with a rotating block system that drops two classes everyday. Because block scheduling went into effect this year, there are lots of comments and opinions towards this huge change.

“It helps me focus on certain classes more and I can get more time to do assignments,” said Junior Sophia Lellos.

Having an extra day to do homework is essential in time management while dealing with hard, work-heavy classes. It is a big relief to be able to be ahead in a class or have a buffer day that allows me to go to sleep before midnight because of homework. I do not have to freak out every night because of homework for the next day, but rather I get a break every three days from some difficult classes. Especially taking AP and honors classes, the workload is a lot to handle at times and the days I do not have those work-heavy classes is a blessing.

I also really love being able to focus on a couple of classes in one day. It allows complete focus and devotion for an hour without being rushed, especially longer assignments or lessons. Like taking DBQs for any AP history class. Last year it was very difficult to practice this skill because it is a 60-minute test, while we only had 42 minutes. This year we can practice and get better at these needed skills with the longer blocks.

“Block scheduling is great because it allows for more variety in classes and allows students to focus more on each subject with the longer class times. Also, lunch is longer, which is better for seniors,: said Jimmy He, senior.

Lunch being longer and at the same time for all teachers and students is probably the most helpful part of block scheduling because of how easy it is to make up quizzes and get more one-on-one time with each of my teachers. Last year, it was a huge problem for a couple of my classes finding a time for both me and my teacher to be on an off period to get extra-help or makeup tests. This year this problem is solved, besides lab days which are only one to two times per rotation.

“I like how the days feel shorter because of less classes and one lunch with all of our friends,” says Junior Joelle Ricci.

Because there are now only three classes before and three classes after lunch, the days go by so quickly. I feel like even though there are twenty more minutes per block, it doesn’t feel much different and goes by fast. Teachers also stop rushing through material and thoroughly explain concepts. In science classes, labs are easier because of the excess of time, even on none-lab days. Particularly in my experience in my science classes, some shorter labs can now happen in regular class periods, which also helps teachers acclimate to this new time table for class.

Although block scheduling is probably pretty difficult to adjust to for many teachers and students, it is overall a beneficial change for many of my fellow classmates and me. Most people I asked how they felt about the new block scheduling replied quite positively. Many people agree that the schedule feels quicker and mixes up our daily routines to be a bit more interesting, which helps to motivate going to school.