R-E-S-P-E-C-T Week Kicks Off

By Danielle Cohen and Maya Kachroo

We are in the midst of the Week of Respect at WHHS, an anti-bullying initiative to inspire kindness throughout the halls of the school. Students and teachers are taking part in the school’s movement to make the building a better place.

First off, quotes will be read over the morning announcements each day, and these quotes will also be written on boards for a visual throughout the day. Teachers are also encouraged to discuss the meaning of these quotes in classes, to get students thinking about respect and kindness. 

Throughout the week, the school will take part in a “KIND Bar” campaign. Every time a teacher sees a student partake in an act of kindness, they will offer them a “KIND Kard,” which they can later exchange for a KIND bar. This activity will be continued throughout the rest of the school year.

“We want to tie in school spirit, and have students acknowledge that we are one big family and we are here to support each other; there are so many fabulous organizations in the building and we would like to highlight them and showcase their efforts,” says Student Assistance Coordinator Donna King.

On Friday the 11th, songs will be played over the loudspeakers during class transitions. The songs will play after the end of each period to inspire happiness through the students and staff; the songs will be respect themed, and they will encourage students to carry these ideas into their daily life. 

Coaches, advisors, and teachers are going to organize a team of students for a door decorating contest, with the theme “We Are One” in mind.

This will encourage teamwork and allow them to make connections; the students participating have the ability to become more involved with the school community and inspire other students to follow a concept of unity. Students will have several weeks to finish decorating their door.  

The week of respect emulates the ideals set by WHHS and will inspire students to continue to be respectful and positive throughout the rest of the year.