Students Share Binge Worthy Shows


By Yulieanna Sim, Staff Writer

When sitting down to watch Netflix, it is very easy for one episode to turn into one season, and for one season to turn into a binge of an entire series. Many teens and adults nowadays are stuck in this constant routine of excessively watching episode after without taking a break, a term also known as binge watching.

With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu now available at one’s fingertips, people have the ability to waste a whole day watching the same show. Students at Hills share some of their favorite “binge-worthy” shows and some suggestions for those that need a new show to binge.

“Shameless. [It’s about] a poor family living in Chicago and something new and exciting happens every episode [which] makes you want to keep watching,” sophomore Olivia O’Hagan states.

A lot of students picked their favorite binge-worthy shows through the fact that it was perfect to amuse them for a while without much thought. “That 70’s show. I’ve been binging  it because it’s so stupid that it’s funny and entertaining,” Junior Alyssa Miller said.

A very common response from many students was, The Office. “It is a great comedy that is still interesting no matter how many times you watch it,” Sophomore Noah Kaplan said, much to the agreement of sophomore Joe Kubofcik and junior Alison Har.

Besides comedy, some thriller and horror shows caught the attention of many students. “American Horror Story. It’s very addictive because it has cliff hangers,” Sophomore Katie Anevski shares. When asked about the longest time she binged watched something, she answered “The most [hours I’ve watched was] from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.” That however, was not even close to some of the most extreme answers given from Hills students.

“I once went three days straight watching something. I’m like not even joking, I never stopped…I think I turned it off once to do my [snapchat] streaks,” Sophomore Melissa Kopleton confesses. Her drastic response, however, exposes the truth about the dedications that teens devote to tv shows. Other answers ranged from four hours to seven hours but as shown, sometimes binging shows can lead to someone becoming a very passionate advocate about them and never want to stop watching.