Emily Lewis Dares to Be Different

By Laura Lassen, Staff Writer

As the 2017/18 school year begins, Wayne Hills welcomes a whole new wave of diverse students, including excited freshman Emily Lewis.

Lewis is not afraid to stand out from the rest of the crowd. What exactly makes her interesting? Her style and passions. “I like green hair,” says Lewis, “[and] I just dress differently from the average person.” She says that others sometimes call her different from the rest, but she ultimately recognizes and embraces her contrasting persona. With her friends by her side, Lewis is able to be herself and enjoy her new experiences.

When she is not in school, you won’t find Lewis out on the field playing sports because she isn’t fond of athletics or competing with a team. She does have, however, a passion for writing, and she enjoys drawing in her free time as well. She hopes to apply her creativity in school and get involved in one of the numerous amounts of clubs offered at WHHS.

Being a freshman entering high school may be intimidating, and many students find it difficult to adjust to the new policies and atmosphere of the school. Although the slight fear of disliking her classes crept into her mind, Lewis soon discarded those thoughts and accepted her new journey with open arms. She comments, “Right now, I feel like everything is just how a high school should be.”