One Grade To Rule Them All

By Daniel Morales, Staff Writer

Spirit Week was quickly reaching its end and the spirit rally was almost upon us,  we as students began to ponder, who will win? This year’s competitors were the Freshman Fire, Sophomore Sluggers, Junior Jungle, and Senior Supervillains.

Like most years the two rivalries were between the freshman and sophomores, and the juniors and seniors.  The Juniors, however,  were leading every day last week as far as “spirit points” went; they took first place on Pajama day,  College logo day, USA day, and Professional Sports day. The juniors were even predicted to win by more than 300 students who voted in The predicted winner according to the poll found on The Patriot Press, which states the question, “which grade will win spirit week?” were the juniors but on a turn of events, the runner-up for first was predicted to be the sophomores followed by the freshman and in last the seniors.

The seniors came in second every day  followed by the sophomores and freshmen. As far as donations go, the seniors have donated the most money with a total of $1,307.35, which was three-quarters of the overall collection of $2500.

With that in mind, we as a school used this fun competition for a good cause. Every can donated will go to a family in need.  Another act of kindness shown by students was demonstrated on Thursday when students from all grades helped by making posters for their classes along with the student body.

Senior Idres Ismuilcada still had hope for the seniors, however, when asked if he’d think the seniors will win he said, “Yes we have a 100% chance of winning, after all, we have the best class.” With a week’s worth of hype following the Spirit rally it sure delivered a great time. All classes were filled with joy. From the freshman to the seniors you can hear the enthusiasm behind  every  student and even the teachers who participated in events, such as a dizzy bat. Students were also asked to show their loudness to see who had the most spirit.  Other student activities included the Balloon pop, Tug of War, and the pie eating contest. For most of the event, it was a neck and neck race to first between the seniors and juniors, when 2:10 came around it was time to decide on a winner. With a suspenseful wait came the answer screamed by Mr. Robert Hittinger and Mrs. Lori Jencarelli, “Seniors!” they yelled and with that came the loud roar from the senior class who flooded the gym court floors. Following close behind were the juniors, in third the sophomores, and in last the freshman. At the end of the day, every student and teacher had fun and it was a memorable spirit rally for the classes of 2017,2018,2019, and class of 2020.