Faced With Adversity, the Patriots Stand Tall


Jaime Huynh

Hunter Hayek walks through the crowd of students protesting the post season disqualification.

By Tessa Peloso, Staff Writer

The past week has filled the WHHS community with a whirlwind of emotions. Just when the Patriots were on a winning roll, they were taken down quickly. The team was considered disqualified due to three  of the players on the team playing being considered “illegal transfers.” The Wayne Hills community came together to support the team. Students, former players, and fans started hashtags on Twitter that stated #JusticeForHills and #LetThemPlay.

Late Thursday night, anxious fans, cheerleaders, and parents were hoping for a positive outcome for the team. As hours passed by, there was still no response. The Patriots’ season would soon come to a somber close.

Avid football fan and senior, Emily Gross says, “When I did not get a response from my friend I knew it was all over, until I got a phone call and Wayne Hills was back in the playoffs. I could not be more excited to see them play again.” 

The Wayne Hills football team is back and better than ever, ready to face any opponent that crosses their path. The determination and drive the team has now is stronger than it has ever been. This was no setback for the team but a major comeback.  

Head Coach Wayne Demikoff expressed his thoughts about this week’s upcoming game against Roxbury. “We are looking forward to competing in the state playoffs. Roxbury is a good team, so we know we are in for a war on Sunday.”

This is not the Patriot’s first time playing the Roxbury Gaels. The two teams were out for blood last year when they faced each other in the first round of the 2015 state playoffs, where the Patriots had a huge win. Earlier this season, the team beat the Gaels for the second time by a score of 42-35. This game should be one for the books. The game will kick off at 2:30 pm on Sunday November 20th, home at Patriot Stadium. Will it be third times a charm for Wayne Hills in their game against Roxbury?