WHHS Searches for Owner of 1968 Class Ring


This ring from the Class of 1968 bears the initials KJH. The Patriot Press is searching for its rightful owner.

By Michelle Lampariello and Brittany Krugel

Just in time for the school’s 50th anniversary, a mysterious WHHS class ring belonging to a member from the first graduating class in 1968 has surfaced nearly 2000 miles away.

A Colorado woman named Susan Nyby Doyle recently contacted WHHS Principal Maureen Weir, stating that she had found the ring while looking through her “old box of high school ‘stuff.’” Doyle is unsure of how the ring came into her possession, or how she is connected to the ring’s owner.

Once the ring arrived at WHHS, Assistant Principal Christina Ventimiglia was able to distinguish the initials engraved on the inside of the ring: KJH.  According to the WHHS 1968 yearbook, two members of the graduating class have the initials KJH: Karl J. Harz and Kevin J. Healey.

Harz was a well-known student athlete and student council vice president at WHHS in 1968. Former Vice Principal Robert Santangelo, said that even four years after Harz graduated, students and staff continued to discuss his accomplishments.

Current faculty members are also interested in this mystery. English teacher Susan Price stated “I’m intrigued of course, and I know people who were there at the time. Everybody loves a good mystery.”

Tracking down Harz and Healey has proven to be a more difficult task than anticipated. However, WHHS is fortunate to have an additional contact from the class of 1968: James Freeswick. With the help of Freeswick and Doyle, the ring will hopefully be returned to its rightful owner, nearly 50 years later.