Spring into Talent

By Kaitlynn Ponceca, Staff Writer

The Wayne Hills Talent Show was a huge success!

Teachers Carla McClain had Marina Cangialosi help host and the audience had a great time at the show. This year’s show had a total of fourteen performances, with Michael Brucato of STARS dancing to “Scream” from High School Musical 3, Jordan Simone playing piano with Jess Petronzi singing “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You,” and even a band called Zero Distance performing a cover of “Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin. Zero Distance consisted of Russ Mamedov, Dennis Abate, Lucas Wroblewski, and Jake Mezza. The other performers included Amanda Fortemps with Laura Nescal, Kaitlynn Ponceca (that’s me, by the way), Tori Anderson, Trisha Mehta, Monica Borsella, Samantha Segreto, Hannah Lee, Neil Sanagustin with Kyle O’Toole, Ardita Nasufi, Danielle McKnight, and Shivi Chauhan.

As for the winners of this year’s show, we have Anderson for her poetry, Mehta for her amazing Indian dancing, Segreto and Borsella for their singing performances, and Lee for her piano playing and singing to a medley for heartbreak songs.

“It is totally shocking. I wanted to do the talent show for fun and didn’t really care about winning at all. I’m just glad people enjoyed my performance and felt what I felt while playing/singing the songs. I’m very grateful for that,” said Lee, a senior.