Countdown to Blonde


By Kaitlynn Ponceca

Omigod, you guys! In just two weeks our spring musical, Legally Blonde, will be showing! Why should you come to see it, you ask? It’s going to be one of the greatest things ever!

Now that it’s close to opening night, we started putting things all together in our runs. For those who don’t know, our “runs” are basically performing the entire show in one rehearsal with no stopping. Everything is starting to be put into place, we managed to fill Director Barbara Castania’s dream of performing with a set piece like the one on Broadway, costumes are being bought, and everyone is having a good time rehearsing. And you remember how the STARS group got to perform in SDA? Well, they will be also starring with us on stage thanks to Sarah Getzke, one of the teachers watching over them, who is also our choreographer.  

“I really hope we can sell out this show,” Castania, one of the theater workshop directors told the cast the other day. “Teachers from the other schools are telling me they’re gonna watch, and I’m really excited. We haven’t sold out in years, and this is a fun show that will attract people. So tell your friends to go watch it.”

So make sure you get your tickets and watch the cast on the stage! Have fun, and don’t miss out!