AVATAR: A Must Watch Series?

AVATAR: A Must Watch Series?

By Andrea Fitzgerald and Gabby Birkland

 After just 41 days of release, January 25, 2010, Avatar became the highest grossing movie worldwide, the cgi movie relinquished its title to Avengers: Endgame in July of 2019 but just reclaimed it after the movie Avatar: The Way of Water came out on December 15, 2022. The CGI world and creatures have entertained many with their bright colors and unique ways of life.

James Cameron’s vision for the Na’vi people was to inspire people spiritually as every life form creates a balance of energy that is constantly flowing and growing. 

On December 10th, 2009, the first Avatar movie was released. Avatar is about a disabled ex-marine, Jake Sully that has to take the place of his scientist twin brother in a mission on another planet, pandora. Jake’s mission is to gain the trust pf the native people, Na’vi, and get them to leave there home. As he gains the trust of the people he also gains the love of one of the Na’vi, Neytiri. Neytiri helps Jake become one of the people and as well as help him fall in love with their ways. Soon it becomes time for his mission of getting the Na’vi out of their home and he has to do it quick because the people that he works for are going to blow up there home. The Na’vi people don’t listen and are caught in the explosion, they now think of Jake as a traitor. In order for Jake to win their trust back he must tame one of the most dangerous creatures on pandora, which he does. Now that Jake has the Na’vi peoples trust he bring all the clans together for a fight against the sky people, aka the people he used to work for. They all battle it out and the Na’vi win. The human go back to earth, except for a few loyal scientist that stay back. The movie ends with Jake becoming a full Na’vi.

The Way of Water was released on December 15 of last year. In this installment, time has gone on from the first movie, and Jake Sully’s family grew. The family of four had spent a peaceful period of time until one night, lights appeared in the sky and it was soon realized that the sky people had returned. The family ran and took shelter in the mountains, away from the now returned avatar Quartich. Quartich and his new team all grouped together to complete one mission: eliminate Jake Sully. Jake Sully and his family decrowned their titles and flew away for miles until they reached the Metkayina Clan. The clan had accepted them, and they began learning their ways. Jake Sully’s youngest son, Lo’ak, befriended a tulkan that was an outsider to the others. Soon, Quartich and his team arrived in the waters and demanded for Jake, but because of the clan’s loyalty they did not tell him. The clan and Quartich’s group went to war, but soon Jake Sully came out of the shadows and revealed he was there. After a while of battling and fighting, Quartich had unfortunately killed Tuk, Jake Sully’s oldest son. Quartich ran away off on an ekron and Jake Sully began to plan for revenge for his family.

When being asked about how their Avatar movie experience was, student Bryan Cadillo said, “It’s a great movie. I like how the movie’s different from what science fiction portrays movies. The humans are the villains, not the “aliens. The second movie was really a big upgrade from the first original. It looked way more realistic. I like the first movie better, but the Avatar 2 movie is much more advanced in graphics.” 

Sophomore Kevin Arango aka Danny, has watched both of the movies and his thoughts of the first movie were nothing but positive, “I thought it was great, it was a unique movie, unlike i’ve seen before. I think it changed movie making. I liked action and the last fight scene I feel they did a good job with the CGI” he also commented on the second movie, “The second movie was very similar in cgi and action compared to the first movie, though I did like how the movie focused on the children and that really made it more relatable for me. But overall I thought it was a huge improvement from the first movie.” He says that his favorite of the Avatar movies so far is the second one,“The water was a really cool and different element to the storyline, it was really cool for them to add a ‘water’ clan to the movie line. The fight scene again was really cool, I really enjoyed my experience watching this in theaters.”

Now whether you want to take the chance and watch the movie (which you should) that is your advised decision. But on ours, and the people we interviewed, advision, you should definitely not miss this hit.