Come See the Official Cast List of the Spring Musical: “Pippin!”


Amy Hecht (Left) casted to play “Catherine” Julianna Stier (right) casted to play a “Featured Player”

By Leizl Carlo, Staff Writer

On January 6 the official cast list for the spring musical, “Pippin,” was announced.

According to Wayne Hills English Teacher and director of “Pippin,” Mr. Fleissner, “The play is about a boy trying to become a man. [And] It’s about the different ways society tells you to achieve it.”

He described the show as a production that discusses different walks of life and the pressures of society that exist for the protagonist. It is unique and was described by the director as a story being told metaphorically and as a play within a play. The overall play asks the question “Is it better to have an extraordinary life or a life of simplicity?”

The official cast list was released on January 6, 2023, and the roles are listed below:

Mr. Fleissner was “very excited” about the show and went on to describe an exciting aspect of the musical: “[There is] a sing-along number [called] ‘Just No Time At All.’ Pippin’s grandmother is telling him to live his life and with words being displayed on the stage, the crowd can sing along.”

John Syvertsen, who has been cast to play Lewis, said, “It feels amazing to be cast, especially as a lead character. I’m really excited to perform for the first time and my character has a giant sword which makes it cooler.”

Although the Spring Musical will not be performed for the public until April 20-22, keep the production in your mind because the student actors, stage crew, sound and lighting crew, and theatre program staff work very hard! You can always follow up with the Wayne Hills Theatre Program through their Instagram!