Culture Club: The New Club on the Block


By Sujoy Nath, Staff Writer

There’s a new club that has joined the party: Culture Club. Now, you’re probably wondering, Oh, it’s just an old person rambling on about dead people. But it’s not like history class at all. Here’s everything you need to know about the culture club.

Why was it started?

Leaders Souhalia Elkhezzani and Diya Parikh started this club to represent the various cultures Wayne Hills’ students originate from.

Vice president Diya Parikh says, “We wanted to incorporate cultures into the school. There are a lot of different cultures but they’re not being shown nor represented.”

Parikh further says that the culture club will help students embrace their own cultures while learning about other cultures with an open mind and while having fun. 

How is it fun?

In their meetings, they share food and play games to learn about the different cultures in Wayne Hills.

President Souhalia Elkhezzani gives an example, “In one of our meetings we played a bunch of Spanish games and all the winners won a prize. It’s fun to try and win that prize while also learning about the culture.”

She confirms that there are no boring lectures where you are half-asleep and learn how to write a DBQ step-by-step. Instead, there are games, dancing, food, and trips. Their events are also authentic. They will do things that a person from that culture would do. It’s a fun way to broaden your horizon and be interactive.

What do they hope to accomplish? What are their goals?

The leaders hope to accomplish the representation of different cultures. They have a goal for the end of the year to hold a huge festival.

The president says, “There will be food and dances. It will be open to anyone. I really believe that it will bring people together.”

She hopes to achieve a bond with the members. With a strong bond, the leaders will be able to successfully hold events such as a Chinese New Year Celebration or an End-of-the-Year Festival as previously mentioned.

What do members of the club think?

Freshman Aycel Soultan says, “I feel like it’s a club where you feel comfortable talking about your culture. I joined to learn more about other people’s ethnicities. You get to meet new people and simply have fun! Everyone in the club is really, really nice.”

How do I join?

You can always contact the leaders: Souhalia Elkhezzani and Diya Parikh. You can also stop by Ms. Logothetis’ room in room 155. They usually hold their meetings on Wednesdays after school. Learn about different cultures and have fun!