Spill the Beans!


By Mia Rivera and Riya Kachroo

Jackie Smalls, a chic Mediterranean style cafe, opened in May here in Wayne. The cafe is owned by two brothers, Labeled and Wassem Arsheed, and is the sister cafe to the two other New Jersey locations; Jackie’s Grillette and Jackie & Son. With a unique take on healthy and modern food, Jackie Smalls has quickly become a place that local residents turn to when they want a quick bite. 

Walking into Jackie Smalls is unlike any other cafe in Wayne. With its sleek, bohemian, and minimalistic design, it is hard not to get taken in by the aesthetically pleasing surrounding. From the menus to the water pitchers, even the smallest details have been taken into account when establishing the tranquil atmosphere of the place. Senior Geena Kim said “I could literally fall asleep in here. It is so calming, I feel at peace.”

 The calming nature of the place is not the only attribute of this cafe that creates a customer-friendly environment. The service is impeccable. Our waitress was on top of things and ensured we had everything we needed. There was nothing but friendly conversation and shared laughs when talking to the baristas. Customer service is truly a huge aspect of the Jackie Smalls experience. 

While it is hard to find any bad things to say about this little cafe, tucked next to Face Values and Neils Pizzeria, the prices are not so customer friendly- at least not for two high school seniors. I, Riya Kachroo, wanted to try the coffee as a fellow senior of mine at Hills, Evan Grant, said that he “LOVED the coffee! Made me feel groovy, just the caffeine boost I needed! Jackie Smalls may have small in the name, but it sure does deliver!”

 I got an iced latte with almond milk and it was $6.50. The coffee was truly one of the best-iced coffees I’ve ever had, and as someone who has a sensitive stomach even with almond milk, I had no issues at all. However, almost $7 for a coffee is not budget-friendly. Getting iced coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts is $4, if even that, and while the quality is not as good it is definitely more affordable. At Jackie Smalls, you are paying for quality and while I would absolutely go again, it is definitely not something I could integrate into my daily routine. I really enjoy the place, especially the atmosphere and customer service, and I would give it an 8.5/10 rating. 

Jackie Smalls is a place I’ve been wanting to try. When looking up the menu I, Mia Rivera, was a little nervous to try it. It is Mediterranean cuisine, with a cute vibe. The place is small but, exceeded my expectations. I ordered the greek wrap with no olives. It had chicken, lettuce, onions, feta, cucumbers, and a dressing in a spinach tortilla. It was $13. I absolutely loved it and recommend it to everyone. This is a place I will definitely return to, but not on a weekly basis. The restaurant is expensive but definitely worth the money.

When looking for a place to have dinner Jackie Small is the spot, says Mrs. Cangialosi. She says Jackie Smalls is a great place for healthy food options. She enjoys everything off the menu and is one of her favorite places to eat dinner with her family!

Overall Jackie Smalls is a place that we would highly recommend. It has a unique style of food that is not really available at other cafes in Wayne. The atmosphere and ambiance of the place are calming and a good environment to be in. It would be a great place to hang out with friends or do your homework. The coffee and food are also highly recommended by us, and while it may not be the most budget-friendly, it is a great treat! Senior Bradley Galambos said that he “began to float into heaven when I tried it, its bangin, it’s amazing!” Definitely recommended by most people!