History with Carol Berkin

By Gwen Sanagustin

Historian Carol Berkin may just make an appearance at Wayne Hills.

Members of Kristy Stofey’s history classes last year came up with a fun idea for a project.  Frank Fabiano, Christie Chamberlain, Ashlyn Rogalski, Guliana Guarino, Jade Supino, and Jen Cuciti for Kristy Stofey’s U.S History I focused on historical figures like Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams in their project. Fabiano decided to dress up as Berkin after the group watched documentaries on the historian and after their video wound up on YouTube, the rest is, well history.

One of Berkin’s students contacted Fabiano this year proclaiming the historian’s love for the project.

Fabiano who at first thought the e-mail was a scam, was soon after shocked to hear from Berkin herself, and she has promised to visit the school soon.

“It’s still in the works of the date, and everything but we are really excited to meet her!” said Fabiano, who along with his group members, earned a 99.2 on the video!