Activities Fair Makes its Way to Wayne Hills

School fair (not at Wayne Hills)

School fair (not at Wayne Hills)

By Andrea Fitzgerald, Staff Writer

Teachers are encouraging students to take a peek at the activities fair on Friday September 23rd during lunch, Wayne Hills administration said.

The activities fair will be in the halls by the freshman cafe/north gym. In the past the activities fair consisted of the Italian and Spanish club,  the dance club, the SADD club, and other.

A student at Wayne hills, Erin Han, says “The activities fair is an introduction for many students and helps many students.”

The activities fair is supposed to help students, yes, but many students haven’t heard of the activities, how does the fair help if the students don’t know about it? Students that want to join clubs don’t know what an activities fair is according to students I have interviewed.

Emily Giraldo, a student at Wayne hills, asked, “We have an activities fair? what even is an activities fair?!” which proves the point of the others that had been interviewed and had each said similar things.

Students don’t know about the activities fair, so how do we spread the word? How do new students learn about the activities fair? And the biggest question, are the teachers telling the students about the fair?

tTachers have clubs, like Marianna Pierri’s italian club “Circolo AMICI seeks to celebrate and promote the Italian and Italian-American culture at Wayne Hills High School.  Our students participate in many events to demonstrate a genuine appreciation of Italian art, sports, history, cuisine, and music. Students host events throughout the school year such as a scopa tournament, bake sales, bocce-ball tournament, and Italian film screenings.  Most importantly is our annual Italian National Honor Society Induction ceremony.

This year we hope to take a trip to Hoboken Cooking School Hudson Table and catch a Professional women’s soccer match. We are also going to hold our annual Christmas holiday party.” she encourages her Ftalian students to join club as well as others.
The fair will be located, on Friday September 23rd, near the freshman cafe halls during lunch at 10:22 to 11:17 a.m.