You’re Not a Senior–Now What?

Mr.Moyers physics class taking a test

Mr.Moyers physics class hard at work taking a test

By Lizzy Boulos, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to a close, we are all counting the days till the end. It seems so close yet so far. The seniors are all set, college-bound, and the next four years ahead of them. But for the rest of us, we are left wondering–now what?

Personally, I am trying to just get through the year: counting down the weeks, making sure everything is turned in, and doing my best to not give up on schoolwork just yet. Others seem to agree with me.

Junior Brandon Toback said, “I am doing my best to take it one day at a time and try not to stress about things .”

Many juniors are planning to take their last SAT, asking for college recommendation letters, visiting schools, and starting to write college essays; all in preparation for applying early next school year.

Sophomores seem to be trudging through, Hannah Nussbaum said “I’m really excited for the school year to end so I guess I’m just pushing through. I’m going to keep up on my studying and continue to work hard to end the school year strong. I keep using the summer as an incentive to do better.” The sophomores seem to be winding down, getting ready for the end of the year.

Freshmen, having just finished state testing last week, are still working hard.

“I plan on getting through the end of the school year by maintaining a strong work ethic while also leaving time for extracurricular activities, like sports and hanging out with friends as the school year comes to an end,” said Briella Beach.

We are all doing our best to get through to the end, and no one is alone in the struggle to get everything done. But just keep it in mind, 17 days and counting!