Encanto: Is it Worth the Hype?


By Manuela Gonzalez, Social Media Editor

Lin-Manuel Miranda has done it again. On November 24, 2021, Disney released in theaters a new animated film called Encanto which seems to have become a sensation with not only kids but adults as well. 

The animated film is based on the large Colombian Madrigal family who lives in a small town by the mountains. Their family was given a miracle which gives unique gifts and powers to the family. From talking to animals to healing people with food, the whole family has powers… except for the main character Mirabel. 

The movie shows how although the family seems perfect it is not as perfect as it seems. With the magic dying Mirabel is set to figure out how to fix it and in the process, she discovers that her other family members such as her two older sisters Luisa and Isabela are not as perfect as their front seems to show. 

Although the movie is fun and vibrant it also does an excellent job of incorporating the theme of generational trauma and family dynamics. It has a lot of heart-wrenching scenes that had my tearing up throughout the movie. This has made the movie grow even more throughout TikTok.

But the thing that makes Encanto stand out and not be your average animated movie is the music. Lin Manuel Miranda created an impressive soundtrack. Songs like “Surface Under Pressure” and “Waiting on a Miracle” are not only catchy that make people want to blast in repeat in their car, but they also convey meaningful messages. The song Encanto is being most recognized for is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” which has been Number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and has reached the list of most-streamed Disney Songs. 

Not only did Miranda makes such powerful tunes, but he also incorporated famous Colombian singers into the mix which had many Colombians thrilled. With artist Carlos Vives singing “Colombia Mi Encanto” and Sebastian Yatra singing “Dos Orugitas” these two songs make the movie what it is: a Colombian Masterpiece. 

“I love all the songs from the movie and I play them on repeat whenever I can,” stated Sophomore Ariana Aray.

Encanto has impressed many, as it has won the 2022 Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. If that is not enough to convince you to watch Encanto it has also been nominated for the Oscars Best Animated Feature.