Most Popular Winter Olympic Games



The Olympic Rings

By Gianna Bernier, Staff Writer

Held once every four years, the Winter Olympic Games is an international sporting event in which competitors of sports, revolving around snow and ice, compete for the gold medal.

Beginning on Friday, February 4, and ending on Sunday, February 20, this year’s Winter Olympics is being held in Beijing, the capital of China. Skilled athletes from all over the world attend this event eager to flaunt their expertise in winter sports.

For some, their worldwide recognition derives from their aptitude for competitive sports, whereas for others, a level of prowess as athletes had to be developed in order to obtain such a high-ranking position. However, regardless of whether or not they were innately prosperous in said sports, these participants spend hours on end training to compete in the Winter Olympic Games. 

In every sport displayed at this competition, the major contenders for the gold medal must compete with mastery. Freestyle skiing and figure skating, for instance, are two popular sports that require both intensive training and preparation. Claiming gold at this year’s Winter Olympics, Sweden’s Sandra Naeslund expressed her expertise in freestyle skiing, a sport that comprises skiing and acrobatics. 

After surveying students at Wayne Hills High School, many of them conveyed that their favorite winter sport was figure skating.

“I really like figure skating. It seems fun to do, and I have never gone ice skating before, so I would really like to give it a try,” said Emily Diraldo. 

Sophomore Carmine Aliotta said, “All of the risks that figure skaters take are cool. Their ability to perfect all of their moves is fascinating.” 

“I like figure skating the most because it’s like dance on ice,” expressed Tamara Gagic.

Juniors Riya Kachroo and Mia Kahrar said that they like figure skating because “it allows self-expression and is a sport where both genders can participate.”

However, figure skating was not the only favored event, as snowboarding was another popular sport among Wayne Hills High School students. 

“I think that snowboarding is one of the most exciting winter sports. I love watching the halfpipe and seeing Shaun White try to medal for his last Olympics. It is truly inspiring. And Chloe Kim won the gold for America for the second time in a row! The new snowboard racing is also so fun! I can’t wait to watch again in 2026,” said sophomore Kara Langbaum.

This international multi-sport event gives these diligent athletes the opportunity to display their proficiency in rigorous competitions. Be sure to watch the Winter Olympic Games before they end this Sunday!