Colby Stevenson’s Heroic Story


Colby Stevenson posing after his 2022 Winter Olympic performance

By James Adamo and Ben Friedman

Colby Stevenson believed his life would never be the same after Mother’s Day in 2016. Stevenson, a renown, professional skier was on the incline leading up to this day, but his life would be flipped upside down after, leaving him changed for life.

Stevenson fell asleep at the wheel of his friend’s truck and crashed it, catapulting, and rolling it several times. Stevenson shattered his skull along with a broken eye socket and ribs. As he sat in bed living painkiller-to-painkiller with his mom by his side, he contemplated what his life would be following the accident. He told NBC Sports, “It was not looking good for me, but I never once thought in my head that there was another option for my life…I didn’t have a backup plan other than to be a professional skier” (Stevenson). 

After many months of rehab and healing, Stevenson made his way back onto the slopes and landed his favorite trick: a double cork 1080. Stevenson was back on his incline and following a World-Cup win in 2017, believed he couldn’t be stopped. That eventually came to a halt, however, with a torn rotator cuff in late 2017.

After rigorous training for nearly three years, Stevenson found his way to the top of the podium at the 2020 X-games, the biggest annual prize of the sport. And after winning a pair of World Cups along with placing second at the world championships, he clinched a 2022 Winter Olympic berth.

Stevenson put on a show, landing both a nosebutter triple cork 1620 and a switch double cork 1800 on his final runs. He beat the odds, finishing second with a score of 183. Varsity skier Camilo Sanchez had this to say about Stevenson’s performance, “He did the unthinkable, overcoming what everyone thought to be a career-ending injury. His life is an inspiring story to not only me, but skiers all around the world.”

The 24-year-old from New Hampshire who left his skull fractured in 48 places just five years prior, defied all odds and went on to put on the best performance of his life.