Have You Heard of The Wayne Hills Winter Guard?

Courtesy of TAPinto News

Courtesy of TAPinto News

By Emily Kozak

Most of the people I’ve talked to don’t even know that we have a winter guard team at Wayne Hills!  A good majority of us have seen the Color Guard shows during the football games. After the football season is over, most people think that they just have to wait till the next season to see the spectacular shows.

Winter guard is an indoor sport that is very similar to color guard in that the teams perform dance routines and use different props and themes. Most of the time you’ll see flags, rifles, and sabers as the three main props. Most of the dance routines also use contemporary, modern, jazz, and lyrical styles.

“So you know in Marching Band we have the Color Guard, and they have a bunch of choreographed work to the band music, but basically winter guard is like a color guard but without the marching band,” said Winter Guard Member Miranda Huhn.

Most of the Wayne Hills Color guard team also does Winter guard so they cant keep dancing even after football season is over.

Wayne Hills Winter Guard at practice.

“We perform our show at competitions since we don’t have football games like the Colorguard, all our competitions are on Saturdays,” said Miranda Huhn.

Since Winter guard requires a lot of time and practice, sometimes it can be hard to manage the school. Behind the scenes, Winter Guard is very competitive and not as easy as most of us think it is.

“We practice on Monday and Thursday from 6-9 pm so sometimes it’s hard to balance out school and my job,” said Miranda Huhn.

Only about a month ago have I heard about Winterguard! I knew that Color guard was a thing since I’ve seen it being performed at football games but I was surprised to hear there was an indoor winter version. I think most people either never heard about this sport or just don’t think of it as a sport at all, which it is.

“Well, Winter Guard isn’t treated as a sport since we don’t have any games or matches just competitions, so that why some people may not have heard about it,” said Miranda Huhn.

“I really enjoyed watching the Color guard shows during the football games this season. I heard of Winter guard a couple of times but I wasn’t familiar with it,” said Junior Corey MacFarlane.