Restrictions Starting To Ease Up for Travelers

People at the airport waiting for their flights

People going on vacation

By Leah Caruso, Staff Writer

Traveling restrictions are starting to ease up, after 18 months of restrictions.

With vaccines being distributed to people all around the world, we are starting to slowly go back to normalcy. Traveling was something many people loved to do and had to do for work obligations, but when COVID-19 shut down many countries, traveling had to be halted. It was too dangerous to go to other places when COVID first came to be in February of 2020, and many didn’t know how deadly this virus was going to be. COVID-19 rocked all of our worlds and changed the way of traveling for years to come.

Before people were able to get vaccinated, there were some countries still not letting outside people come to their country. For people that have not seen loved ones in other countries, this news i’ll make their day. New rules will go into effect allowing air travels from countries that used to be restricted. The traveler(s) have to show proof that they are vaccinated or show a negative COVID test. Land traveling, on the other hand, will only require proof of vaccination.

This news is very exciting for people that have missed holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with loved ones. It has been frustrating for many that have not gotten to see friends and family. Nonessential traveling was banned from multiple countries.

The good news is that the lifting of the United States travel ban from many countries is coming to an end. Travelers can enter Mexico as the United States border reopens to visitors that are vaccinated. As long as you are fully vaccinated, anyone from another country can come to the United states.

“If you feel comfortable going on vacation to another country then go ahead. I feel it’s a personal opinion. If you are vaccinated and you are ok with traveling, then go ahead.”- Child development teacher Mrs. Tomaiko shared her thoughts on travel restrictions easing up.

This incredible news came just in time for the holiday season. If vaccinated, now’s the time to go and see those loved ones that are far away, and make up for lost time!

Loved ones reuniting after travel restricitons are changing and easing up
Photo from Chicago Tribune
Loved ones hugging after not seeing each other due to travel bans