Outer Banks Season Two Review and Recap

Outer Banks Cover Image on Netflix

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Outer Banks Cover Image on Netflix

By Gianna Bernier and Leah Caruso

Outer Banks Spoilers Warning

Netflix’s hit show Outer Banks has returned for season two after over a year of invalidated fan speculations as to what will happen next. 

Set in North Carolina, the main characters, including John B, Sarah Cameron, JJ, Pope, and Kiara, embark on a journey in which they are determined to discover the riches within the Royal Merchant, a famous shipwreck in Outer Banks. The situation gets more dire, however, when the primary characters, also referred to as Pogues, end up in a heated confrontation with Sarah Cameron’s father, Ward, who has been in search of the Royal Merchant for years. Ward eventually steals the gold within the renowned shipwreck and sends it off to the Bahamas, entailing unverified theories on behalf of Outer Banks fans. It does not end there, however, as not long after this event, John B and Sarah Cameron enter a boat just as a storm is transpiring. Their ship ultimately capsizes, leaving behind uncertainty of whether or not they are alive.  

These huge cliffhangers resulted in an abundance of fan predictions, as the intriguing storyline captivated many individuals. One can only imagine the reaction of the public as the second season of Outer Banks aired on Netflix. 

Season two pans to Sarah Cameron and John B, verifying that they survived their stormy journey and are, in fact, alive. The Pogues eventually reunite in the Bahamas, where they will continue their search for the gold found in the Royal Merchant. Whilst attempting to discover the gold, the group encounters another mystery‒what is the Cross of Santo Domingo and where can they uncover its whereabouts? 

After many near-death experiences, the Pogues attempt to retrieve the half-billion-dollar treasure, in the form of gold, back from the Camerons, while simultaneously avoiding dangerous crews of tanker ships in the process. They are unsuccessful, however, and the Camerons get away with both the gold and the cross. Endeavoring to escape the Camerons and the crew on the tanker ships menacingly following them, the Pogues end up stranded on a random island in Barbados. 

The final episode of season two introduces John B’s dad, who was speculated to be dead in the first season, with this season’s villain, Limbrey. When the scene begins, John B’s dad, Big John Routledge, agrees to assist Limbrey under one condition‒she must help his son. The reappearance of Big John Routledge ensues even more lingering questions, with fans eager to discover how he is alive, and why he is working with his son’s enemy. 

What drew fans into watching the new season was the show’s sense of adventure and fun. It is easy to fall in love with five adventure-seeking teens and how close they all are with one another. This season does not fail to have a plot so far-reaching and so wild. There are plenty of car chases, fight scenes, criminal activity, and moments of betrayal that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“It was such a good season, every episode was better than the next. Every adventure they went on you didn’t know what was going to happen which made you wanna keep watching. I loved this season,” senior Kaitlyn Alexander commented on season two.

This newest season was far from boring. There were many parts that no fan ever expected to happen and parts that were difficult to watch. Every scene was action-packed and most episodes ended on cliffhangers, making you keep watching. The adventures they went on were like no other. Watching this crew encounter many near-death experiences and then coming out on top together really highlights their love for one another. The group of friends does everything together and it’s nice to see how they all work together to help one achieve their goals.

The group of friends knows how important it is to John B and Pope to find this treasure, so they don’t back down and keep going until they find it. Their friendship is so admired and is why so many people continue watching this show. No one leaves anyone behind, they will travel far and wide to help one another. It is clear that they all love each other and would die for each other. 

This season was enjoyable, and the producers did not disappoint. Now, after two seasons of Outer Banks airing, fans hope that the third season comes sooner rather than later!