Senior Sydney Levitt Named Athlete of The Week


By Jenna Lewis and Sarah Park

Wayne Hills Field Hockey has definitely seen a positive light this season, and Senior star forward Sydney Levitt is a huge impact on the team’s success.

The week of September 30th, Levitt scored 12 goals and had three assists in the span of only three games! In the fall of her junior year, she earned all-county honors and is now one of the top-scoring leaders in the state. But the greatness doesn’t stop there. Levitt is truly a dedicated person on and off the field. She continues to work hard to bond with and help her teammates, which we can see by the overall connection of the team.

The team is headed by Meghan Weiss, a third-year coach for Wayne Hills who has even won athlete of the week back in 2011 when she was a senior at Northern Highlands. 

This hard-working team is also led by Senior, Olivia Tagliaferri. While only having two seniors on the team is difficult, both girls are doing a great job in making sure the team is playing their hardest, while also having fun every time they step on the field.

After their sixth win, Levitt had much to say about her team. “So far this season I honestly think we are working so well together on and off the field and we are having so much fun bonding all the time and we are just working on getting better every day.”

After speaking with junior Becca Cohen, it is clear that “Syd is a great teammate and leader on this team. She is a very versatile player on both ends of the field” (Cohen). Levitt has scored 15 career goals. “When Syd is on the field, the whole team just comes together; she has led our team this whole season and continues as we enter into the postseason,” Cohen states about her fellow teammate. 

With the county tournament coming up, Levitt is eager to compete with her teammates for her last ride as a Patriot. Without a doubt, we will see another amazing performance by the star senior, Sydney Levitt.

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