Reviewing the Week of Testing


The testing schedule for this week

Start Strong and PSAT testing has started on Tuesday, October, 12. Many students have been wondering what this testing is and why we need it. 


What are the different forms of testing?

The first test, Start Strong, started on October 12, for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. This testing was focused on math from algebra I all the way to algebra II. The rest of the week follows this schedule, PSAT on Wednesday, English Start Strong on Thursday, and science Start Strong on Friday. The PSAT is for juniors only and focuses on math and English comprehension. The English Start Strong will be for freshmen and sophomores. Finally, the science Start Strong will be testing for freshmen and seniors. Yes, seniors regardless if you are taking a science class this year you have to take the test.


Why are we testing?

We are taking the Start Strong test this year because the state wants to know what we have learned and have not learned during COVID-19. 


Is testing mandatory for all students?

Yes, the testing is mandatory for all students. Regardless of what classes you take there will be a test you have to take this week. 


Will this impact students?

No, this testing should not impact students in any way. This is just so the state can see what students have learned over virtual learning. Ms.Venezia, a guidance counselor at Wayne Hills, said,  “The waiver required school districts to ensure students took a benchmark assessment at the onset of the 21-22 school year in order to collect data on potential learning loss, provide teachers with early intervention data, and also provide parents with timely information about their children’s needs.” Students should not worry about if they need to prepare for this test. 


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