Netflix Removing Fan Favorite Shows and Movies


By Leah Caruso, Staff Writer

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming services, has competition now with more streaming services being added; Paramount +, Hulu, Disney + and HBO Max are just a few to name. Due to the new services being created, Netflix has made it critical for them to add more shows and movies, and ones that are very popular. Netflix is known for adding shows and taking off shows that have been on for a while or that aren’t being watched much. This removal of certain shows/ documentaries and movies are making viewers outraged. 

Some new shows that were added this month include: Midnight Mass, Money Heist part 5, On the Verge, Saved by the Bell, Nailed It season 6, Too Hot To Handle Latino, The Circle season 3, A Cinderella Story, Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror, School of Rock, After life of the Party, Jaws 1-3, and Grown Ups.

Unfortunately, when shows are added that means that shows have to come off. Netflix will be removing some fan favorite titles. Here are some shows and movies to re-watch before they are gone: Billy on the Street, Legally Blonde, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Karate Kid, Prom Night, The Queen, Shes Out of My League, and Kung Fu Panda.

Luckily, Netflix is adding plenty of shows and movies to make up for the ones being taken off: all nine season of Seinfeld, Titanic, season 3 of You, The DUFF, Hairspray, Step Brothers, Project X, Spy Kids 1-3, final season of On My Block, season four of Dynasty, and so much more.

Some of our Wayne Hills students shared how they feel about the removal of these titles:

“I wish they just kept everything on because you never know what you are going to be in the mood to watch.”- Christin DeFranco

“I get that Netflix has to remove some to add some, but some of what they are taking off are great shows and movies that I’m gonna miss watching.”- Corinne Zaccone

It will be interesting to see how other people react when they realize their favorite title is now removed.

The movie cover for Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is one of the many movies that Netflix is choosing to take off.

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