Wayne Hills Empowerment Club Gives Insight Into What to Expect in the Future

Clip Art of a Fist Breaking Through Glass

Hanna Hajdu

Clip Art of the Empowerment Club’s Logo

By Gianna Bernier and Jieun Paik

Clip Art of a Fist Breaking Through Glass
Clip Art of the Empowerment Club’s Logo (Hanna Hajdu )

For all, being acknowledged and understood is significant, and the Wayne Hills Empowerment Club aspires to attain a sense of inclusivity for both the students and teachers attending Wayne Hills. Although Wayne Hills High School fosters an abundance of new clubs that are not only entertaining, but informative as well, the Empowerment Club is of particular interest as of lately.

The Empowerment Club was founded in November of 2020. It strives to create a more embracing environment for all, as it addresses prevalent problems that affect individuals’ everyday lives. Treasurer Yara Shobut, a junior, remarks, “This club was originally founded to create a community within the school that unpacks social issues and how an average person can make a difference. It was created to further educate ourselves and others on human rights and inequality within our society.” 

Founder Hanna Hajdu, also a junior, says that the club’s mission statement is to “discuss and bring awareness to harmful stereotypes while empowering those who face bigotry and any form of discrimination.” They hope to continue this 2021 year with volunteer projects and feature special guest speakers. October will be dedicated to breast cancer awareness within the Wayne Hills community.

There are many topics that the attendees are incredibly keen to discuss, some of which include gender equality, racial and ethnic divides, role models, and pop culture. Many individuals view the Empowerment Club’s openness to all prevailing issues as a sign of respect, for their limitless amount of topics to discuss ensure inclusion for all. 

Both students and teachers enthusiastically participate in conversations on various topics. The officers organize discussions and guarantee that all perspectives are acknowledged. The members of this club are open to talk about racism, and how to actively repress it. “Though the Empowerment Club discusses many important topics, we feel as though racism is the one that is most prevalent,” says Yara. Issues are discussed with an open mind, and members considerately express their opinions on these topics, Yara says. 

In the future, the club plans to work on even bigger and better projects. Hanna Hajdu says that “you can expect to see a lot of community outreach and the creation of a safer and more accepting environment in our school.” With the return of students to a physical learning environment, the Empowerment Club is hoping to be more involved in the school community’s conversations regarding various topics.

The club members hope that examining and dismantling detrimental stereotypes will empower more students and result in an exceedingly secure setting. Wayne Hills aims to create a community in which students and teachers may arrive at school feeling comfortable and recognized, and the Empowerment Club is just what it needs to carry that out. This club will prove to be beneficial, as frequent conferences will improve one’s communication skills and educate him or her on significant issues. “Additionally, a goal of ours is to make actual positive change,” expresses Yara, “and that will be done this year through fundraisers for charities and important causes.” For any individuals interested in joining this riveting club, check out its designated page on the Wayne Hills website for more information.