Wayne Hills Girls Tennis is Back!


Photo taken by Luca Verano

By Sarah Park , Staff Writer

The Wayne Hills Girls Tennis Team is back and in action this fall. It is no doubt that after a long awaited year, Wayne Hills will be entering this season’s county tournament with nothing but excitement and energy. With head Varsity coach, Todd Green and star senior, Juliana Lee, the team is vaulting into this season and the upcoming County tournament. 

As the 2021 season takes flight, Coach Todd Green is very excited to coach a semi-normal season. Coach Green says that this is a very young team (mostly freshman and sophomores on Varsity), so he is looking forward to seeing their improvements as the season goes on. 

The team had their first game and first win of the season on September 2nd, against West Milford. Juliana Lee had an outstanding performance and won in first singles. 

Lee is not only a four year varsity player, but a leader and captain of this young team. “Tennis is a sport where you may feel punished when you make mistakes and people can feel down because of their own faults. But, whenever I’m having a bad day, I always tell myself to move on and to not get stuck on the previous point because I can’t change anything about it,” Lee advised her underclassmen. The star senior also highlights the importance of having fun while playing tennis. “Playing sports is a memory everyone will remember and it is mostly a once in a lifetime opportunity to play on a school team. Enjoy it while it lasts because it goes by very quickly.”

In the 2020 season, Lee had one of the 7 positions available on Varsity, next to 6 other seniors. “As the only returning varsity player, I was nervous for this year because all the underclassmen who would be joining would not have much experience,” Lee stated . “But I was really glad and happy with my new team this year. The 6 girls have stepped up to the plate,” Lee said. 

Last season, due to the pandemic, the tennis county and state tournament was cancelled. Luckily, this year there is one, which will start on Friday, September 24th. Without a doubt, County’s is an exciting, yet daunting event. The Wayne Hills Girls Tennis Team has won counties consecutively for the past 17 years. Due to this, the Wayne Hills team is definitely holding a huge target on their backs, as well as a legacy to hold up. “Although I feel the pressure and nerves for counties, I am really honored to be captain and to play at first singles, especially since it is my last year at Hills,” Lee stated.

With counties right around the corner, Lee and Coach Green will be working hard leading their team to hopefully another victory. Be sure to look out for this young, but fearless team! Go Patriots!

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