Chilling Cargo


By Gwen Sanagustin

Japan has been experiencing some supernatural occurrences. Ghost ships have been found floating around Japan’s coast. A ghost ship is a ship with no living crew aboard the ship.  In the past two months, Japanese authorities have found over 12 ghost ships with 22 decaying bodies. The bodies were partly skeletonized. The first ghost ship was found in October and then an array of ghost ships started appearing off the coast of Japan. Recently on December 6th, Japanese authorities have found a ship with four capsized bodies. The ships are a mystery to Japanese citizens, but the Japanese media have said that they were fishing vessels that have strayed off course. “I would be scared if boats were appearing with dead bodies near my home!” said Junior Lindsey Kurtz.

Another theory is that many of the ships may have come from North Korea. Many defectors have attempted to escape the authoritarian regime travelling by boat, and may have run out of food on their journey. Although North Korean officials have not commented on the incidents, it is very likely that these ships are the products of defectors.