NHS Gardening


By Juliana Lee

NHS’s new garden project is on display for all the students, faculty, and teachers coming in to school with the new schedule. NHS juniors and seniors came together on four separate days to create a new garden on the East side of hills. They planted flowers, dug up dirt, created a curvy pathway with mulch, and laid down stone pads in the gloomy weather.

The final result is complete with a stone path and purple and yellow flowers surrounded with a brown gradient mulch path. A couple of benches and a small fountain have also been placed next to it. It overall completely aligns with the wellness program that has been implemented at Hills as it creates a space that is zen and peaceful.

All the supplies used were funded by Sustainable Jersey Schools, which is an organization that gives grants for schools to switch to more sustainable practices and methods.

Millie Loka, a junior and NHS member, helped out with the garden and said that “it was very fun helping and I loved the way it turned out!”