Wayne Hills’ Theatre Production Introduces “Freaky Friday”!


By Juliana Lee

Wayne Hills is coming out with a new theatre production with showtimes from April 29th to May 1st. The spring production is based on a classic comedic American movie “Freaky Friday”. A mother and her daughter have completely different personalities, but one day a freaky accident happens: the mother and daughter switch bodies!

All meetings and rehearsals are currently being held online and the team is working hard to make the production spectacular while also being safe. The exciting performance will also be hosted outside on a new stage in order to maintain safety between the cast and audience. Be sure to look out for the times in the morning announcements to enjoy the theatre club’s hardwork!

Maya Lozea, who is playing Fletcher Blake, expresses her feelings about her experience so far in this year’s production;

“The musical this year is going to be very different than it’s ever been. As with everything else that’s getting back up and running right now, there are new guidelines, new precautions to be taken, and new concerns to worry about with COVID still running rampant. As such, the show will be performed on an outdoor stage in order to keep the cast, crew, and audience as safe as possible. What’s a little different about theater as opposed to some other activities, however, is the fact that so much of it relies on the physical parts of acting. If you’re playing a sport, you might be able to put on gloves and a mask or two and be that much safer while you play. And while yes, it’s much the same for theater as well, it’s become much harder to use facial experessions and interpersonal body language with masks and social distancing. When every tiny bit of contact could be potentially putting someone at risk, bringing back theater is forcing us to get creative with how we use our bodies, props, and set to get the story across. It’s certainly not an easy change, but it’s a necessary one, and the arts are nothing if not inventive. I really do believe that we’re going to get through it together, and that when all is said and done, we’re going to have a pretty awesome show when we open on April 29.”

Below is a list of the cast:

  • Ellie Blake : Liz Grant 
  • Katherine Blake : Ally Fierro 
  • Fletcher Blake : Maya Lozea 
  • Mike : Aidan Woodside
  • Gretchen : Jaein Han 
  • Hannah : Christina Silvestri 
  • Adam : Ethan Thompson 
  • Savannah : Val Woodside 
  • Parker : Brynn Buckley 
  • Laurel : Amy Hecht 
  • Tori : Eliana Driesse 
  • Grandpa Gordon : Dylan Misquita 
  • Granda Heline : Julia Ferreira
  • Danielle : Juliana D’Amico 
  • Louis : Nikki Bartzos 
  • Dr.Ehrin/Mr.Blooman/Parker’s Dad : Chris Mezza 
  • Pastor Bruno : Frankie Pistolesi-Incairdi 
  • Mrs.Luckenbil I/Wells : Gia Ciccone 
  • Senora O’Brien : Chelsea Lewis 
  • Ms.Myers/Gretchen’s Mom : Kendra Levendusky 
  • Officer Sitz/Hannah’s Dad : Carlo Pistolesi-Incairdi 
  • Koalsky/Well’s Dad : Gavin Garolis-Bechtold 
  • Mrs.Time : Emma Vosough 
  • Minion 1/Savannah’s Mom : Vanessa Brown 
  • Minion 2/Adam’s Mom : Celine Kim
  • Florist/Cater Waiter : Ryan Newman 
  • Fish Vendor/Cater Waiter : Fatemah Shirzad