Eunice Chi Wins Poetry Award


By Gianna Montalbano, Staff Writer

The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards is the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious program for creative teens to express themselves. Teens from grades 7-12 can apply to 28 categories of art and writing to win an award depending on what category they choose.

Eunice Chi, a sophomore at Wayne Hills Highschool, was one of the winners this year. Eunice has long had an interest in writing. In 8th grade, she joined the creative writing club at Schuyler Colfax and received some awards for her short stories. She continued her love for writing by taking online classes to practice and joined The Patriot Press in high school to try something new. She also helps edit for an online Magazine. 

This year, Eunice submitted 7 works under the category “Poetry.” In late January,the regional awards were announced and Eunice received two gold key awards, a silver key, and the rest were honorable mentions. Eunice was very happy with the results. She was stressing over if she would get any award but was relieved to see the results. Since Eunice received two gold keys, those two works will be submitted to Nationals. The National results will be out sometime this month. Let’s cross our fingers in the hope Eunice receives another award for her amazing works!