How to Improve Online Learning

How to Improve Online Learning

By Sasha Abramsky and Gianna Montalbano

With COVID-19, online learning can now be considered the new normal. The question to be asked is how can we make it a better experience for everyone?

Now that WHHS is fully virtual, until at least mid-February, it is a great time to try to improve everyone’s skills when it comes to virtual learning.

“I think to make online learning better and more comfortable for everyone teachers should realize that kids can get anxiety talking and should not randomly call on students,” states 12th grader Gabriela Bernier.

On the other hand, freshman Ariana Aray talks about how the teachers and the class should be more engaging and make sure students understand what the teachers are saying.

“Provide extra learning materials while online. More time for certain topics in a course, a better system for modified online tests, and maybe like a textbook website where you can have a bunch of pdfs of the textbooks at the school in case some people don’t have them,” says junior Jeremy Alston. 

Both students and teachers have different opinions and styles of how learning should be conducted during this time; this is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to learn virtually. However, below are some of the best techniques that teachers and students can use to make virtual learning better for everyone.

Utilizing a variety of technology options, connecting and forming a community with the students, considering new learning methods, and providing socialization/collaboration opportunities are some tips that Western Governor University recommends for teachers.

Communicating with instructors, engaging with other classmates, staying focused during class, setting clear expectations/goals as well as rewarding yourself are all things that can help students excel in online learning according to Yale University.

Overall, students and teachers should find their own unique style of learning and adapt to each other. Afterall, the hard truth is that online learning could be the norm for a very long time.